Senior Vitality

 Internal Martial Arts for Seniors 

 As several studies have indicated, internal martial arts (like Tai Chi) and qigong are among the most effective wellness systems for senior citizens. Unlike other forms of exercise, which can often stress the joints through high impact activity, internal arts can help older students build functional and gradual strength by integrating the low impact movements of systems such as Tai Chi and Bagua with breathing exercises designed to restore the body’s vitality and help students effectively manage issues such as stress, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Whether you are new to internal arts or have experience, our program is structured to help older students achieve noticeable and lasting health benefits. Our instructors are patient and have worked with students from a variety of physical backgrounds. 

Tips for Seniors Training Internal Arts

  1. Observe the Basics: Many of the most helpful concepts of internal arts training can be found in the basic structures and movements of the forms. Paying attention to them can help you develop successfully.
  2. Listen to Your Body: When learning new motions, make sure to practice slowly to let your body adjust to various postures. If you feel pain or discomfort, make sure to notify your instructor so that they can observe and help you adjust your movement. 
  3. Keep Breathing: Learning new motions is difficult and can cause us to tense our bodies in an effort to concentrate. One of the most helpful things you can do to practice relaxing (one of the goals of internal training) is to remind yourself to breathe. This will not only calm your mind but will also help you maintain the structural integrity of the forms you are learning.
  4. Have Fun: Studying martial arts should be enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or ask questions. Your classmates and instructors have been where you are and can offer helpful advice as you develop. Take each day as a new learning experience and a chance to develop.